Hurricane Aquatics

Hurricane Aquatics has been in business since January 2001. Janet Scheffman, the owner of Hurricane Aquatics, has been in the lake management business for 10 years and has been the lake manager for Arrowhead Phase V since the lakes were constructed.

Janet has a bachelors degree in Marine Science from the University of Miami. She worked as an aquatic research scientist in Florida for three years before moving to Arizona. She was employed by Aquatic Dynamics from 1994 until that business closed. Janet is a certified SCUBA diver and has been diving for over 20 years. She is a registered applicator and qualifying party with the Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission.

Hurricane Aquatics works closely in conjunction with Clear Water Engineering and the Fresh Catch Fish Company. CWE provides maintenance and repair of pumps, and other mechanical equipment FCFC provides the beneficial fish for stocking that are used for biological control of algae, weeds and insect larvae.