Exterior Painting of Home

Step 1

Read this document: General Painting Information

Step 2

Roof Tone List

Please find your address and write down your roof tone number (#1-6) from the Roof Tone List below:
Roof Tone List

Step 3

Roof Tone Families

Go to your roof tone family number that you found in step 2 and select the colors you want to paint your home.

  • Roof Tone Family # 1
  • Roof Tone Family # 2
  • Roof Tone Family # 3
  • Roof Tone Family # 4
  • Roof Tone Family # 5
  • Roof Tone Family # 6
  • Step 4

    Fill out the left side of the architectural application below:

    Arrowhead Ranch Community Painting Submittal Form

    Submit this form one of three ways:

    • Print and mail to this address:

    City Property Management Company
    4645 E. Cotton Gin Loop
    Phoenix, AZ 85040

    • Scan and email form to arch@cityproperty.com

    • Print and fax to this phone number: 602-437-4770

    For Your Reference

    Original Builder Color Schemes

    If you decide to use the original builder colors, complete the right side of the architectural application

    Palomino Community Exterior Paint Colors